Three-child policy formally passed into Law

The Three-Child Policy is a family planning policy announced on May 31, 2021, by the government of the People’s Republic of China. The results of the seventh national census of the People’s Republic of China showed that the number of births in mainland China in 2020 was only 12 million, setting the lowest number of births since 1960. The ageing of the population is a major concern of the government.

The People’s Republic of China implemented the one-child policy in 1979. It stipulated that a couple could only have one child. The result was a continuous decline and rapid ageing of the population. To delay this trend, the Chinese government relaxed this restriction by launching the Two-Child Policy in 2015.

However, the expected birth wave and increase in the population hasn’t happened. For this reason, the National Congress recommended suppressing the penalty for having three children or more and implementing the Three-Child Policy.

After the announcement of the policy, overwhelming criticisms appeared on the social platform Sina Weibo in mainland China. Most netizens believe that this measure will have little effect. A new family planning policy will not change the fact many people want to remain childfree.


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