Square dancing 广场舞

If you’ve been to China, you have already probably some groups of Chinese women and men dancing, most often in the evening. This type of dance is called “Square Dancing” or “Plaza Dancing”.

Square Dancing is usually one of the favourite hobbies of middle-aged and retired women, who have been referred to as “dancing grannie. They gather in squares, plazas or parks, turn on their music and start dancing. It is estimated that there are over 100 million practitioners nationwide.

Square dancers dance to a variety of music, mostly Chinese popular songs, both contemporary and historic. A leader organizes the meetings, brings the music, stands forward and shows the movements so everyone can repeat them. Some group members choose to wear the same bright and shiny clothes so the show is even more enjoyable. But even this way, any passer-by can join, and if you stop to watch them, don’t feel surprised to be warmly invited to share a dance!


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