Mandarinka Education’s Foundation programs are designed to learn Chinese at a fast pace with a daily immersion in the language… without leaving your home country! Save time and money, get an internationally recognized certificate from our partner university in China, and obtain your pass to Chinese universities and their generous scholarships!

Why should I learn Chinese?

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world

  • 1,4 billion speakers in China
  • 50 million overseas Chinese
  • Almost 1/4 of the world already speaks Chinese!

Chinese is the official language of six countries

  • .. and one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

China has the second-largest economy in the world

  • Companies all over the world require professionals who understand Chinese.
  • It’s very likely that your path will cross Chinese speaking colleagues, partners, providers or clients.

The number of Chinese tourists who travel abroad is fastly growing

  • 155 million in 2019
  • Up to 220 million expected by 2025

Still not convinced?

China’s educational sector is extremely attractive

  • It offers an incredible range of educational programs
  • It has some of the best universities in the world
  • It welcomes international with plenty of scholarships

Plenty of celebrities, businessmen and their children are learning Chinese.

  • Arabella (granddaughter of former US President Trump)
  • Prince George of the United Kingdom
  • the four children of the chairman of Amazon
  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself and his daughter
  • the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokaev

Foreign countries’ government are acknowledging the importance of Chinese

  • more than 60 of them have officially incorporated the teaching of Chinese into their national education program.
  • some even list it as a college entrance examination subject

Over 100 million people in the world are already studying and using Chinese outside China.

Convinced but not ready yet to fly to China?

This is why we designed Mandarinka’s Foundation Program:

  • a two-semester intensive program without leaving your home country
  • a daily two-hour long lesson, five times a week for a total of 10h/week
  • listening, speaking, writing, reading and grammar lessons
  • a language and culture preparation before starting your bachelor’s or master’s degree in Chinese
  • a methodological training and tips to pass HSK4
  • a Chinese language certificate from a Chinese university at the end of your Foundation Year

Advantages of Mandarinka’s Foundation Course:

Time saver

Our Foundation Course schedule is designed so you can conveniently combine your high school program with your Chinese lessons, a real plus for 11th-graders who can start their bachelor’s immediately after graduating and therefore save a year.

Money saver

Our course is much more affordable than a language year program in China, and you don’t need to pay for documents, plane tickets, your insurance and accommodation etc.

You dramatically increase your chance to get a full scholarship from the Chinese government or a Chinese university ( a full scholarship includes free tuition, free accommodation, free medical insurance and a stipend of USD235 to USD395/month).

Smooth start

You learn a new language without having to deal with a new environment at the same time. You travel to China only once you got a solid grasp of the language.

Native teachers

Native teachers who master your language (Russian/Kazakh/English)

Recognized certificate

An internationally recognized certificate from a Chinese university accredited by China’s Ministry of Education


A solid preparation for HSK examination, the precious pass to your studies in China

Who is our Foundation Program suitable for?

Students who want to apply for a scholarship in China but have no or little knowledge of Chinese (or intermediate knowledge for the Level Up Foundation Course)

Students who want to study a bachelor’s or a master’s in China but have no or little knowledge of Chinese (or intermediate knowledge for the Level Up Foundation Course)

Students who need to prepare for the HSK exam but have no or little knowledge of Chinese (or intermediate knowledge for the Level Up Foundation Course)

Students who want to improve their level rapidly with an affordable intensive course

Students who want to have an internationally recognised Chinese language certificate

Questions – Answers

I have never studied Chinese, can I sign up for your Foundation Course?

Of course, the Foundation Course is designed for beginners who have zero to little knowledge of Chinese.

I have already studied Chinese before, can I sign up for your Foundation Course?

Of course, the «Level Up Foundation Course» is our secondary program designed for students like you, who have a Pre-Intermediate to an Intermediate level, so no problem for you to enroll too!

What is the average age of students taking the Foundation Course?

Most of them are aged between 15 to 25, but there is no age limit, everyone is welcome!

Will I really get a certificate from China?

Yes, if you successfully pass the exams at the end of each semester, you will receive an official language certificate from our Chinese partner university, accreditated by China’s Ministry of Education.

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