All of our team members are passionate about learning foreign languages and know many of them. All together we speak no less than 10 languages! All of us also studied and lived abroad, in China, France, the US, Spain, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Japan, Germany…


English teacher
About me

Zulfiya is an English and IELTS instructor at Mandarinka Education.

She studies politics at Nazarbayev University and is fluent in Kazakh, Russian and Turkish.

She loves photography and design, as well as watching movies and anime. At her work she tries to create a friendly yet ambitious atmosphere, so that the students may learn the language effectively.


English teacher
About me

Kuat is an English and IELTS instructor at Mandarinka Education.

He is a very responsible and punctual person. He knows how to bring out the best from his students to help them progress faster.

Kuat is also fluent in Russian, German and Japanese. He studied in Japan, South Korea and in Germany during his bachelor’s degree and holds a Master in Arts (East-Asian Studies) from the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany).

He also lived and worked and studied English in New York (USA). He loves retro music of the ’70s and the ’80s.


Chinese teacher
About me

Dinara is our senior Chinese teacher. She is calm, kind, patient and has a very extensive teaching experience, this is why children and beginners especially like her.

She also studied in a one of the most famous university of China and speaks fluently Chinese, English, Russian and Kazakh. If you are looking for an interesting Chinese movie or series to watch, a Chinese book to read, ask Dinara!

She always has the best advice on how to improve your Chinese quickly in a fun way!


Chinese and Kazakh teacher
About me

Ali is a Chinese language and Kazakh language teacher.
He is a very outgoing and friendly person.

He studied in China and is perfecly fluent in Russian, Kazakh and Chinese. He also masters Korean and Japanese, and is currently learning French.

He loves jazz music, Japanese citypop, photography, art and architecture and has a deep interest for other countries’ culture.


Chinese teacher (native)

About me

Nurdana is a native Chinese teacher. She also teaches English, speaks fluently Kazakh and Russian, and is learning German and Korean.

She is a joyful, outgoing and talkative person. She always has creative ideas to share on our Instagram account. She loves travelling, reading (mangas but not only), watching series, and rock and Rnb music.

Her favourite novel is “The Count of Monte-Cristo”.


General Administrator and Manager
About me

Tanya is the administrator and manager of Mandarinka Education.

She studied in China and is perfectly fluent in Chinese, as well as in Korean. Always in a good mood, she is the one welcoming you with a warm smile everyday.
She is the magician of schedules and always find a solution to every challenge.

All of our students and colleagues know and appreciate her.


Founder and Director

About me

Morgane is the director of Mandarinka Education.

She is French but has spent a third of her life abroad, between Spain, China and Kazakhstan. She loves foreign languages and cultures, is fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish, speaks Kazakh and is currently learning Russian.

She lived and work in China for about seven years, first as an international student, then as the responsible of the French market for a Chinese IT company, and finally as the deputy Customs Counsellor at the French Embassy in Beijing.

Married to a Kazakh, she is a total lover of Central Asia.

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